2015: Do you have a dream? Win big in the Nescafe Get Started Competition

2015: Do you have a dream? Win big in the Nescafe Get Started Competition
2015 Nescafe get started competition

photo credit: getstartedafrica.com

Do you have a dream that can make the difference?
Stop dreaming and share your project with NESCAFÉ.
Get started now!

Do you have a dream? Can your dream make the difference for your community, your country or even the whole world? Enter the NESCAFÉ Get Started challenge and show everyone how powerful your idea is.

All you need to do is to submit your dream . If you find it published on the website the following week, it means that it’s passed the preselection. This is the time to get as many votes as possible, so make sure you get all your friends to vote for your dream.

The 4 most impressive dreams will receive support from inspiring African mentors to pitch their ideas to the grand jury. The ultimate winner’s dream will get started by NESCAFÉ.



1 Your dream must not be of material benefit to oneself.

2 Your dream should focus on one of these categories: Technology,
Arts and Culture, Community Development, Environment or Health.

3 Your dream must have an action plan.

4 Your dream must start something big for you and people around you.

5 Make us fall in love with your dream and we’ll help you to get it started.

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