2013/2014 MUSTE SCHOLARSHIP (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

2013/2014 MUSTE SCHOLARSHIP (Undergraduate and Postgraduate)

The Mankind United To Support Total Education MUSTE NIGERIA SCHOLARSHIP AWARD is a Scholarship arm of Youth Empowerment and ICT Foundation; it was registered with the corporate affairs commission in Abuja Nigeria on the 17th of November 2003. It is founded and funded by Mr. Jim Ovia in the year 1998, to provide financial aid to outstanding Nigeria youths.
The awardees are given funding for undergraduate study for the duration of the undergraduate program. The award includes tuition and maintaince allowance. The scheme offers an average of 100 opportunities every year. The Financial records show that as at October 2010, Mr. Ovia has invested N98,220,000 in the program on one thousand, four hundred and thirty-nine beneficiaries.

The Mankind United to Support Total Education (MUSTE) program is for undergraduate and higher degree studies only.
All scholarships are awarded based on merit, using the information provided in the form, supporting documents and a screening test.

Applicant must:

  • Be a registered member of Youth Empowerment & ICT Foundation
  • Have their Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination result or the equivalent
  • Have a current admission letter into a recognized higher level institution
  • Undergraduate applicant must have passed JAMB and Post-JAMB examinations
  • Undergraduates already in school must attach a recent photocopy of their school I.D
  • Higher degree applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent, and have at least two years of recent full time professional experience, acquired after a university degree.
  • Present one personal reference letter and one academic/professional reference letter. All recommendation letters must be duly signed.
  • Higher degree applicant must include a cover letter stating “Why they intend to pursue a higher degree” (Not more than 250 words).
  • Attach recent passport photograph
  • Include a valid email address in the format (firstname.lastname@host.com), residential address and telephone number
  • All questions are compulsory unless otherwise stated


  • To promote access to tertiary education
  • To invest in the future leaders of Nigeria
  • To provide a platform that encourages competitiveness and promotes equal opportunities in workplace
  • To bridge the knowledge gap in Nigeria

Eligibility and Criteria
All Nigerian youth are eligible for the scholarship. In the first ten years of the program, 1439 youths from all cross Nigeria have been awarded scholarship. About one hundred awardees are selected each year from a pool of four hundred applicants. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of personal intellectual ability, leadership capability and a desire to use their knowledge to contribute to society throughout Nigeria by providing service to their community and applying their talent and knowledge to improve the lives of others.


The MUSTE Scholarship provides bursary to cover the cost of completing an undergraduate or higher degree program that is within 3 – 6 years. It is also subject to satisfactory academic performance in the subsequent year of the degree program. The Scholarship provides benefits for the recipient only, and intends to cover:
A monthly subsistence allowance, for living expenses and books.

The MUSTE Scholarship does not cover:
• Expenses for the scholar’s family.
• Expenses related to research, supplementary materials, field trip or workshops while at the university.
• INTERNATIONAL OR LOCAL TUITION FEES THAT EXCEED THE BURSARY AWARDED. This is a bursary of a fixed amount regardless of the tuition stated by the school.

In addition,

  • The scholarship awarded is valid for the academic year immediately following the offer of the award and cannot be deferred for any reason.
  • Should you be granted the scholarship, your progress report is required at the end of every academic year as well as your annual academic results. These should be sent in prior to the renewal of your scholarship.
  • The MUSTE scholarship only supplements and does not duplicate any other source of financial support the scholar might have.

However, scholars must inform the Board of MUSTE if they have other sources of scholarship funds.
Your MUSTE scholarship maybe withdrawn unconditionally or partially if during the scholarship period the Board has evidence of additional sources of support.



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