2013/2014 Bursary Registration for Bayelsa Students

bayelsa bursary information

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The government of Bayelsa State has approved the payment of 2013/2014 Bursary entitlements to students of Bayelsa State origin in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions. Accordingly, the Bayelsa State Scholarship Board shall commence the payment of 2013/2014 bursary allowance soonest.

Registration duration: Monday, August 18 – Sept 1, 2014

Note: The online registration window shall be closed at 12:00 midnight on September 1, 2014


Stage 1
Online Registration
This shall involve compliance with online registration by all eligible students of Bayelsa State Origin, in tertiary institutions in Nigeria, at the Scholarship board website.

Stage 2
When eligible students have successfully completed the registration process, the scholarship board shall disburse the applicable bursary allowance via e-payment mode, directly to the respective student’s nominated bank account.

Find Application process below:

Students with special difficulties should submit such compliant to: compliants.bursary2014@bssb-gov.com

Bursary Application Instruction

Before proceeding to apply for Bursary, You must be a duly Matriculated Student of a University
evidenced by an Admission Letter and a Matriculation Number.

Please have the following basic requirements before registering and applying for bursary.

• Scanned documents or Certificates qualifying you on your course of study
• Scanned or Digital hand signed signature.
• Have a Valid Bank Account (Only personal account will be accepted)
• Have an Active E-mail Address for notification purposes.


Application Closing Date 1st September, 2014.


Step 1

Log on to Bayelsa State Scholarship website.

Step 2
i. Click on the “Apply for Bursary” drop-down menu from the
ii. “Bursary” menu item and Sign-up as a New user.
iii. To sign-up, please click the “Create an Account” link and provide your first name, last name, email address and GSM phone number.
iv. A password would be assigned to you and sent to your email which you provided.
v. Check your email for your password.
vi. After successfully signing up, as a new user, use the username and password sent to your email, which you provided, during the sign-up stage, to begin the
registration process.
vii. Use your username and password which was sent to your email and sign-in as a registered user, on the “Sign into your Account” Portal.

Step 3

Continue the Bursary Registration Process with your username and password to complete the required form fields.

Students with special difficulties should submit such complaints to: complaints.bursary2014@bssb-gov.com

Information Source: The Guardian, Friday, August 15, 2014.
and bssb-gov.com

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